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    • 01 Jan 2024
    • 31 Dec 2025
    • virtual

    Applications open for the Certified Developer of TRaining (CDT)


    Do you develop learning solutions, such as  Instructor-led training, asynchronous or synchronous training, simulations, serious games, and the like?  

    Intended Audience:   The CDT certification is for professionals who develop training and instructional solutions that are delivered live, in-person, or online and who want to be recognized for their ability to create effective learning events. 

    To earn this performance-based certification you must demonstrate all 9 standards by 1) answering questions about one of your learning solutions that are supported by client attestations and artifacts, and 2) committing to a Code of Ethics.  The CDT is endorsed by ISPI.   

    The 9 standards are:

    1.  Address Sustainability 
    2.  Align Solution
    3.  Assess Performance
    4.  Collaborate and Partner with Stakeholders
    5.  Elicit Performance or Practice
    6.  Enhance Retention and Transfer
    7.  Ensure Context Sensitivity 
    8.  Engage Learners
    9.  Ensure Relevance

    Click here to download the Handbook for the complete standards and the scoring rubrics.  The cost is $600 for Hale Center Professional and ISPI members and $725 for others.   Applications are accepted throughout the year.    

    Once certified you will receive a digital mark.  Please contact if you have questions

    • 01 Jan 2024
    • 30 Dec 2025
    • virtual

    Applications open for the Certified Facilitator of Training


    Do you facilitate learning events?   Online?   In person?

    Intended Audience:  The CFT certification is for professionals who facilitate training done online or in person and who want to be recognized for their skill in engaging learners. 

    This performance-based certification is endorsed by ISPI, Training Magazine, and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). 


    You must submit one or more videos for a maximum of 35 minutes that demonstrate your competence in facilitation and are supported by learner evaluations and client attestations, and commit to a Code of Conduct.  The 4 competencies are:

    1.       The Facilitation Process Competent Facilitators ask questions that:

    • Promote participation
    • Engage learners equitably
    • Promote reflection
    • Reinforce learning points
    • Clarify participants’ remarks and questions
    • Follow up on participants comments
    • Promote relevant conversation among learners so they process the content
    • Redirect questions to other participants to promote engagement

    2.       The Learning Process – Competent Facilitators:

    • Introduce the purpose, content, participants, and value.
    • Establish the relevance of the content; relate the content to needs and the learner experience.
    • Give examples that illustrate and reinforce the learning objective
    • Guide learners in activities designed to reinforce the objectives 

    3.       The Learning Assessment Process – Competent Facilitators:

    • Elicit examples from learners on how they will apply the content in the workplace
    • Assess comprehension                          

    4.       Professionalism – Competent Facilitators:

    • Demonstrate proficiency in the content and facilitation expertise
    • Respect participants’ opinions and perspectives

    The cost is $600 for Hale Center professional members, ISPI, and IFMA and $725 for others.   Click here to download the Handbook with the standards, requirements, and the scoring checklists.  Register here.  Applications are accepted throughout the year.

    Once certified you will receive a digital mark.  Please contact if you have questions

    • 12 Jul 2024
    • 11:00 AM
    • 16 Aug 2024
    • 12:00 PM
    • Virtual

    How to Build Tests & Assessments Certificate Series: 

     6-Part Mini Series

    Take one, all, or any combination

    Friday at 11a.m. to 12:00p.m. Central Time

    July 12 to Aug 16

    Intended Audience:  This program is for internal and external consultants wanting to sharpen their skills in developing valid tests and assessments.  It covers what is required of a test, different testing methods, ways to score performance-tests, and how to analyze test data.  You will see real examples and get job aids with practical guidelines you can apply to your work.  The Test and Assessment series is part of Hale Center's 2023 theme on Consulting.  It is designed to strengthen your technical skills in assessment and measurement. 

    You can take the whole series or just selected topics of interest to you.   When you complete the 6-part program you will receive a certificate in Testing.  

    Topics in the series are:

    1. Test Basics:  learn what is a test, what is required for a test to be valid. ($59*)
    2. How to Decide What to Test, Why, and How:  learn the value of  developing operational definitions and doing a criticality analysis to determine what and how to test.  You will get guidelines and tools for developing an operational definition and doing a criticality analysis.  ($69*)
    3. How to Develop Multiple-Choice Questions that Test Higher Level Skills:  find out how to use the work of David Merrill and Robert Bloom to create forced-choice questions (multiple-choice) measure memory and reasoning.  You will receive a toolkit with guidelines for developing effective multiple-choice tests ($89*)
    4. How to Analyze Test Results:  learn how to do an item analysis to identify which questions and answer choices are effective and ineffective.  You will also learn how to compare tests to confirm they are equivalent, that is measure the same knowledge and are equivalent in difficulty. ($69*)
    5. How to Develop Performance Tests: learn the different types of performance tests, how they differ in their level of fidelity (how life-like they are), and get guidelines on how to develop them.  You will see examples. ($79*)
    6. How to Develop Checklists and Rubrics:  learn how to design and develop checklists and rubrics that are designed to score performance tests.  Learn to train judges in how to score performance tests and control inter-rater reliability of judges. You will receive templates and guidelines. ($79*)

    * Cost per session for the general public.  Discounts are available to ISPI, LDA, IFTDO, CTMR, and Hale Center Professional Members.  If you want to register for specific topics only, please contact and she will complete your registration.  Also, one paid registration for the series allows up to six in your organization to attend at no additional charge.   Just send Judy the names. 

      Materials:  Each topic comes with a workbook containing the slides, guidelines, and other supporting materials. 

      Cost:  For the series is $414, a $30 series savings (a total of six in your organization may attend at no additional cost); the cost for ISPI, LDA, IFTDO, and CTMR individual members is $384, a $60 series savings; the cost for Hale Center Professional Members is $354, a $90 series savings.   Please contact if you want to find out how to arrange for an in-house program.

      • 17 Jul 2024
      • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
      • virtual

      Wednesday with Judy  

      Language that Engages 

      7th in the consulting series 

      July 17th, Noon Central, 60 minutes 

      This year's Wednesday with Judy series focuses on the communication, interpersonal, and counseling skills required to be an effective consultant.  The July session continues the June session on behaviors that lead to engagement and disengagement.  However, the focus in July is on the statements we say and the questions we ask.  Whether your work is training, learning, process reengineering, or performance improvement, you will learn how language can foster engagement and encourage a willingness to share and participate in the work ahead.  Join us and learn more about the power of words, our own and in others.    

      Each Wednesday examines and demonstrates how the topic can enhance our professional practice.  So, please join Judy and help create a common or universal model for performance excellence.  You will receive a zoom link upon registration.  

      • 18 Jul 2024
      • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
      • Virtual

      Coffee with Judy & Friends

      July 18th, at 9 AM Central

      Let's build community.  Be ready to connect, share, and initiate ideas,  Join me, but you must register, to get the link to join.

      • 24 Jul 2024
      • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
      • virtual

      Overview of Certification

      Wednesday, July 24th10am Central

      Whether you are new to credentialing or an experienced, you will want to meet with Dr. Judy Hale for this webinar.  Dr. Hale is one of the leading international experts on credentials; she transforms this complex subject into a fascinating one-hour overview of the field. 

      • Learn the differences between certificates, certifications, and micro-credentials, and when to use each.  
      • Find out what the 6-key phases of developing effective credentials are and why each are important to having a valid credential.
      • Find out the common mistakes and how to avoid them.

      Join Dr. Hale for this free one-hour webinar. Register today.  

      • 25 Jul 2024
      • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
      • Virtual

      Happy Hour

      with Judy & Friends

      July 25th, at 6 PM Central

      Building community.  Please join me for an informal get together.  Connect, share, or initiate.  You must register, if you want to get the link to join.  

      • 20 Sep 2024
      • 20 Dec 2024
      • Virtual