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Credentialing Series workshops

Workshops cover four aspects of credentialing:

The Business or Societal Need Process
  • Determining the need
  • Agreeing on success metrics
  • Agreeing on the target audience and stakeholders
The Program Design Process
  • Conducing the job or work study
  • Analyzing the results of the study
  • Agreeing on eligibility, certification, and maintenance requirements

The Assessment Design and Validation Processes

  • Designing the assessment
  • Developing the assessment
  • Validating the assessment

The Governance and Oversight Processes

  • Developing governance and administration policies including appeals and ethics violations
  • Developing administrative procedures and candidate manuals
  • Developing marketing messages and channels

Workshop Descriptions

Overview of Credentialing – a virtual briefing that introduces you to the six essential elements and describes the difference between certificates, micro-credentials, certifications, and accreditations (1 hour, free).

Foundations of Credentialing – gives you an in-depth overview of what is required for a valid, defensible, and sustainable credential (12 hours).    

Job, Task, Practice, and Cognitive Analyses – gives you the rules for conducting work analyses of different scopes (12 hours) 

Developing Knowledge and Performance Assessments –defines what is an assessment, covers what is required of a valid defensible assessment, goes over the rules for developing multiple-choice, matching, and fill-in tests; and checklists and rubrics used to score oral exams, demonstrations, and portfolios (12 hours).

Practical Analytics & Psychometrics – guides you through the processes of analyzing qualitative and quantitative data derived from interviews, surveys, and assessments so you can be confident in your conclusions and recommendations (6-hours) 

Design: All workshops are offered online, live, and in-house.  The workshops draw on the latest research and proven practices.  Attendees get a digital copy of the workbook containing the slide deck, job-aids, guidelines, and references.  The online sessions are offered through Zoom or clients' online meeting tool.   Attendees wanting to attend in person or schedule an in-house program should contact to learn more about the location, accommodations, and fees.  

Schedule: All workshops start at 9am Pacific time unless otherwise agreed on.  The online sessions are chunked into 3 to 4-hour segments.  For example, ½ day programs run from 9am to 12:30 Pacific time.  One-day programs are scheduled for two consecutive half-days.

Is the Series for you?

This workshop series is for professionals wanting to develop skills in credentialing. 

Discount for members of ISPI or the Center for International Credentials:

Click here to become a member.

        • An Overview of Consulting, 1 hour, virtual (free)
        • Foundations of Credentialing, 12 hours, $795 (non-members $995)
        • Job, Task, Practice, and Cognitive Analysis, 12 hours, $795 (non-members $995)
        • Developing Knowledge and Performance Assessments, 12 hours, $795 (non-members $995)
        • Practical Analytics & Psychometrics, 6 hours, $595 (non-members $995)

Click here to register for an upcoming Workshop.

Interested in an on-site workshop? Email to make arrangements. 

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