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Competence through Credentials

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Welcome to THE Center

The Center is a group of like-minded individuals committed to the role of credentialing in promoting competence, civility, economic equity, social justice, and environmental stewardship.  One goal is to facilitate access and exchange among other likeminded individuals and corporations engaged in innovative ways to build competence and social stewardship in the workforce.

Certification has been a very viable way to build one’s expertise to gain a competitive edge.  Why not a humanity edge?    

Our History

Hale Associates, established in 1974, offers consulting and psychometric services to organizations wanting to certify employees, members, customers, suppliers, and after-market partners.  Hale specializes in designing and validating performance-based certifications.  The founder of Hale Associates, Judith Hale, is one of the more prolific writers on topics related to workforce performance.  She is the author of the award-winning Performance-Based Certification, 2nd ED, the popular Performance Consultant’s Fieldbook 2nd ED, Performance-Based Evaluation, Performance-Based Management, and Outsourcing Training and Development, and co-author of the award-winning book School Improvement Specialist Field Guide: Facilitating Success

Hale Associates established the Center as a way to offer credentials to professionals engaged in measuring, developing, and recognizing competence in the workforce. 

The Center's Mission

Our mission is to promote workforce readiness, economic equity, social justice, and environmental stewardship through evidence-based credentials. 

 The Center's Vision

The Center's Vision is to be the standard setter for evidence-based credentials that promote competence and stewardship in the workplace and society.

What differentiates Hale Associates and the Center?

  • Its workshops, books, and job-aids are based on proven practical principles and practices
  • Its credentials:
    • Are performance-based
    • Establish universal standards, standards that transcend borders, for the field
    • Following Plain Language and Global English Standards
    • Demonstrate external validity, they make a difference in the work, workplace, or marketplace
The Center offers the following evidence-based credentials:
  • Certified Assessment & Credentialing Professional (CACP) for professionals engaged in managing or advising other on the creation, administration, validation of evidence-based credentials.
  • Certified Developer of Training (CDT) for professionals engaged in the creation of instructional solutions.
  • Certified Facilitator of Training (CFT) for people who specialize in facilitating live and online learning events.
  • Micro-credentials for developers of specific learning solutions, such as, serious games, simulations, live and online workshops, and the like (ID).
  • Accredited Workforce Development, Learning, and Credentialing Programs on behalf of ISPI
  • Accredited Functions dedicated to delivering workforce development and performance improvement products and services on behalf of ISPI.


Judy A. HalePhD, CPT, CACP, CIDD has been a consultant to the public and private sectors for more than 30 years.  She has worked with numerous industries including education, energy, entertainment, facilities, finance, healthcare, hospitality, human resources, insurance, manufacturing, technology, trades, and travel.  She brings a unique blend of expertise and experience to the design and use of education and credentials for workforce development.

Sharon Gander, MEd, CPT, CACP, CIDD, ID(SEL/SLG), was a Hale Practice Leader, the Director of ID Certifications, and a member of the Certified Assessment and Credentialing Professional (CACP) community of practice.  Gander led the Hale initiative to develop 17 certifications for developers of learning solutions.  This included doing a practice analysis of the field, defining standards and domains, and validating the assessment process.  She has authored two chapters on micro-credentialing for Foundations in Digital Badges and Microcredentials, Springer, 2016.

Practice Leaders include Rob Foshay, Ph.D.; Dawn Snyder, Ph.D.; Donna Crisp, RADM (ret); Cheryl Mounts, MS, CAE; Collectively they bring 30-plus years of experience designing and developing credentials and learning solutions for the private and public sectors across all industries.  

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