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This credential is specifically for professionals and leaders who are responsible for developing and managing certification, certificate, and accreditation programs.  Eligibility includes a self-assessment and review of that assessment to determine whether the candidate has the appropriate range of experience.  Courses are available to supplement skills.  Once eligible, candidates complete a practicum to demonstrate their proficiency as a professional with expertise in credentialing.

This credentialing process with its supplemental courses are designed to help you develop credentialing programs that:

    • Deliver on the promise.
    • Are economically feasible to administer.
    • Effectively assess knowledge, skills, and abilities.
The program includes:
    • A free overview webinar (required)
    • Four workshops (optional but recommended)
    • Eligibility self-assessment (required)
    • A project-based practicum (required)
    • Tool-kits, templates, workbooks, and job aids (electronic)
    • Book (hard copy)
    • A certification and mark for those completing workshops and practicum
    • A digital badge for use in electronic media
The program covers all aspects of credentialing:
    • Business case
    • Job, task, practice & cognitive analysis
    • Standards and requirements
    • Test/assessment development and validation
    • Psychometric practices
    • Administration
    • Governance
    • Implementation
    • Globalization
    • Maintenance and re-certification
    • Public relations and communications

Certification is awarded based on successful completion of practicum requirements.   Course completion (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for practicum admission.

How to Apply

Download the Handbook that has the standards, eligibility requirements, certification application, scoring rubric, and maintenance requirements.

Attend the free webinar, Overview of Credentialing, to get started. 

CACP Awarded 

Congratulations to Catherine Cox of USOLN.  Learn more about the Utility Safety & Operations Leadership Network at

Congratulations to John Schehl, CAE, RRC, CACP and Certificatin Director at NRCA and Executive Director of Roof Integrated Solar Energy (RISE) at NRCA. Learn more about John on LinkedIn.

Congratulations to Alicia Johnson of FISERV. Alicia has completed the CACP requirements and is now able to use the CACP mark and badge. Learn more about Alicia on LinkedI

CACP requirements include work experience in the field of assessments and credentialing, course completion, and a practicum with Dr. Hale.

Certifications includes a mark (CACP) and badge. 

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