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Competence through Credentials

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Workshops are for professionals wanting to develop skills in consulting and credentialing. 

The workshops draw on the latest research and proven practices

All workshops are offered online, live, and in-house.
Attendees get a digital copy of the workbook containing the slide deck, job-aids, guidelines, and references.  The online sessions are offered through WebEx.  Attendees wanting to attend in person or schedule an in-house program should contact to learn more about the location, accommodations, and fees.  

All workshops start at 11am Central time unless otherwise agreed on.  The online sessions are chunked into 6 to 7-hour segments.  For example, one-day programs are scheduled for 10am to 5:30pm Central Time.

Click here to view workshop dates and register online.

Consulting Series Workshops

This series is for internal and external consultants who want to positively impact profits and mission-driven initiatives.

The overall goal of the series is for you to learn to diagnose complex problems, develop and implement sustainable solutions, demonstrate measurable contributions, work with resistance, manage organizational politics, build personal brand, and be competitive in the marketplace. 

The Consulting Series Workshops cover the three facets of consulting:

  1. The Performance Improvement Process
  2. The Consulting Process
  3. The Competitive Positioning Process

Click here to see more details about the Consulting Series Workshops.

Credentialing Series Workshops

The Credentialing Series Workshops cover the four aspects of credentialing:

  1. The Business or Societal Need Process
  2. The Program Design Process
  3. The Assessment Design and Validation Process
  4. The Governance and Oversight Process

Click here to see more details about the Credentialing Series Workshops.

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