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Hale associates

Hale Associates specializes in performance improvement focusing on evidence-based certification and credentialing, performance-based curriculum, measurement and evaluation, and sustaining initiatives.  Hale consults with corporations and credentialing agencies on the design and validation of programs and standards used to qualify people and learning products.  Hale's processes are documented and recognized for being comprehensive and practical.  

Hale's team explain complex ideas so people understand their relevance.  They have developed useful models for implementing new programs, identifying organizational needs, defining and assessing competencies, and integrating performance management with learning and development.  They work with Senior Leaders, Human Resources, Training, Facilities, Purchasing, and other staff functions to help them align their processes and services with those of the larger organization.

Here is an overview of the type of work the Hale Associates does:

1. designs, conducts, and facilitates:

          • Certification and qualification projects– to establish valid and cost-effective methods to judge people’s readiness and proficiency, and programs’ effectiveness. The certifications apply to practitioners, employees, customers, suppliers, and third party after market partners.
          • Measurement and assessment strategies – to define roles, responsibilities, relationships, and performance measures within and across functions, work teams, suppliers, and after-market partners. 
          • Performance improvement projects – to identify and remove barriers to performance including inefficient work processes, out-of-date job designs, insufficient performance support tools, and inadequate or inappropriate training.

2. delivers customized workshops in these topics:

          • Assessment & Testing
          • Certification & Credentialing
          • Implementation & Sustaining Results
          • Measurement & Evaluation
          • Performance Improvement Consulting

3. develops tools, guidelines, and protocols

To help managers and workers be more effective, achieve proficiency faster, and monitor their own performance.  Tools include the logic chain, performance scorecards, change and deployment strategies, consistent and fair merit reviews, management of product portfolios, business plans, cost drivers, performance measures, documents of understanding, assessing the level of a job, and more.  Visit the section under resources.

4. collaborates with Willing Learner, Inc.

To improve school systems and transform them to meet 21st century needs.  What differentiates their work is their: 1) collective, proven record of results, and 2) their deep experience base. Both have networks in which they are highly credible. Their operating styles are collaborative and out-come focused.  Both help clients monitor leading indicators and adoption of behaviors to ensure effective implementation and sustainability.  Together they deliver programs to enhance leadership capability and prepare others to transform school systems, for example:

      • How to Develop Signature Leadership Systems
      • How to Design Problem-based Learning
      • How to Design Project-based Learning
      • How to Sustain School Improvement & Transformation Initiatives
      • How to Develop Balanced Performance Improvement Systems

What Distinguishes Hale

Hale is known for its ability to produce solutions that work within clients’ constraints.  It seeks and offers new perspectives.  Hale is fact-based and separates the essential from the fluff.  Through its professional and client networks, it is privileged to have access to the latest research, thinking, and practical experiences.  Its processes are documented so it can communicate them to clients and improve them.

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