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Decisions & Decision Fatigue 

What impact does decision fatigue have on the quality of decisions made:

  • When you are hungry?
  • When you have already made dozens of decisions?
  • When money is tight?  
  • When you have had to hold onto your self control to not say something scathing?  
Check out this New York Times article.  Take time to read it slowly and think about the implications to your life, your decisions, and to the people who depend on your decisions. Read Do You Suffer from Decision Fatigue?  

Then read Dr. Judy Hale's whitepaper, Decoding Value in Today’s Workplace Valuing Alternative Futures: The use of qualitative probability theory to weigh the consequences of different action

Hale & Page on School Improvement

Corwin Press has released The School Improvement Specialist Field Guide, by Deb Page, CPT and Judith Hale, Ph.D., CPT. (ISBN: 978-1-4522-4089-3 (pbk) Corwin, 2013, 200 pages, $40) All of the tools referenced in the book are available electronically.

CSIS Field Guide Book Cover

Chapters parallel the ten standards on which the Certified School Improvement Specialist (CSIS) certification is based. It is full of stories, examples, and non-examples that exemplify the facilitation skills required to enable others to do what is required to improve the performance of school leaders and students in ways that are sustainable.

Recent reviews call it a "must have" book for anyone doing performance improvement work in schools". The book is organized into ten chapters which reflect the ten Certified School Improvement Specialist standards and support the development of proficiency in those standards. The standards are:

1. Analyze and Apply Critical Judgment

2. Facilitate Deriving Meaning and Engagement

3. Focus on Systemic Factors

4. Plan and Record

5. Organize and Manage Efforts and Resources

6. Guide and Focus Collaborative Improvement

7. Build Capacity

8. Demonstrate Organizational Sensitivity

9. Monitor Accountability and Action

10. Implement for Sustainability

Order the book at under the search term School Improvement Specialist. Enter the promotional code D13194 for a 15% discount from Corwin

Badging & Microcredentials 

Practice Leader, Sharon Gander has contributed two chapters to Foundations of Digital Badges and Microcredentials: Demonstrating and Recognizing Knowledge and Competencies, Springer. The book is now available.  The editors and chapter writers have come together from around the world to write this authoritative text.  Check it out.


Business of Consulting 
Recordings Available 

You can now download all of 6-part series by Judith Hale, PhD, CPT on the Business Side of a Successful Consulting Practice at

  The sessions include:

  1.  Starting Your Own Practice
  2.  Finding Your Own Niche
  3.  Unraveling Legal Structures. 
  4.  Unraveling insurance.
  5.  Unraveling Contracts
  6.  Creating a marketing channel

Award Winning Books & Other Resources

    Jduy receiving ISPI Communication Award CSI book

Radio Program

Listen to this interview with Deb and Judy on Atlanta's Performance Difference radio show hosted by Laurie Genevis and Jinnie Schmid on January 22, 2013.

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