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Certified facilitator of Training


This certification was developed in response to the need for competent facilitators.  Facilitation is the discipline of presenting instructional content and executing learning tactics, while effectively engaging learners and managing group dynamics so attention is on comprehending, retaining, and mastering skills. 

This certification is endorsed by Training magazine and the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) and is awarded by Hale Associates through the Center for International Credentials, LLC (CIC).   It is administered in Africa and the Middle East by the International Certifications Centre.


This certification is intended for professionals with demonstrated expertise in facilitating live and online learning events.  This certification is not designed for people who facilitate decision-making meetings, such as strategic-planning sessions; psychological interventions, such as addiction or self-mutilation; or the resolution of conflicts, such as business or family disagreements, and the like.


To be eligible to apply for the certification, you must have the equivalent of three-years’ experience facilitating learning, with at least 50% of that time dedicated to facilitation.  The premise is that facilitation is a skill that is honed over time rather than mastered on the first try.  The experience can be either for facilitating learning events for remuneration or as a volunteer


Once you satisfy the eligibility requirements, you must:

1.   Click here to download the Handbook (application included)

       Click here to email a request for an invoice to pay the fee. 

    • Professional or Organizational Members: $600 
    • Non-Members: $725  

2.   Collect attestations completed by people who have witnessed you facilitating different learning events.  The events must have been at least 90-minutes long.  Attestations are statements by a third party that validate a) your performance over time and under real conditions and b) the longer-term performance of your learners.  The attestations can be from direct supervisors, internal or external clients, or sponsors.

3.     Collect a set of end-of-course evaluations for one learning event of at least 90-minutes in length, completed by participants.  The evaluations must include questions about your skill as a facilitator and how that facilitation enabled them to apply the skills.   

4.  Read and sign the Certified Facilitator Code of Conduct, the Declaration and Release, the Application Agreement, and the agreement to maintain the certification.

5.     Create a live or video recording that includes you facilitating each of the following:

  • A presentation.
  • A practice exercise such as a role-play or analysis of a case study.
  • A discussion and debrief.

The recording should contain approximately 10 minutes of lecture, 10 minutes of facilitating a practice exercise, and 10 minutes facilitating a discussion and debrief.  You can adjust the times depending on the nature of your topic.  As a guide, each segment should be at least 5-minutes long, and the total time should not exceed 60 minutes. 

6.     Create an account in a system that transfers large files.   Upload your recordings, signed documents, course evaluations, and attestations into that account.   Send a link to allowing us to access your files. 

7.     Contact for an invoice. 

8.     Your application will be reviewed by two qualified reviewers.  You will receive feedback.  If you are not awarded the application, you may resubmit a video recording within 6 months at no additional cost.  Once awarded the certification, you will receive a certificate suitable for display.  


To maintain the certification, you must recertify every five years. To retain the certification, you must:

1.     Earn 40 recertification credits by participating in continuing education events related to facilitation, presentation, or adult learning.  One credit is equivalent to one hour of training.

2.     Complete and submit the online recertification form.

3.     Recommit to the Certified Facilitator Code of Conduct.

4.     Submit a recertification fee.

Recertification Fee due every three years:

  • $250 for Professional and ISPI members
  • $375 for non-members

For information, see the Handbook.

HOW TO APPLY (Must sign in to access these documents):

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Application Fees
Professional or Organizational Members: $600 

Non-Members: $725   Click here to pay application fee.

Recertification Fee due every three years:

  • $250 for ISPI members
  • $375 for non-members

Download the handbook and application instructions: 

Professional and Organizational Members Only (Must be a paid member to access these documents):

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