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THRIVE: A Guide to Success

Going Solo? Freelancing? Contracting?

How to THRIVE in the Gig Economy

A 12-hour virtual workshop in three four-hour sessions presented by:

Hale Associates and Crain Burns Associates, LLC

Scheduled for Oct 11, 18, and 25, from 4:30 - 8:00 PM Central time.

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Who is this program for?

This program is for you, if you are: · A new entrepreneur starting your own company · A freelancer · Doing contract work The benefits to you are: · Confidence in your value proposition · A proven road map to avoid time and money wasters · Comfort knowing you have the bases covered · Access to knowledgeable and proven mentors · 12 PDU’s for your PMP and CPT

Estimates are that 45% of the workforce is part of the Gig Economy. The Gig Economy is made up of independent, freelancers; the one-person shops. Why is it called a Gig Economy? The term Gig was originally used by musicians who earn their living doing discrete, one-off engagements. It is now used to describe people who freelance or do contract work, requiring them to balance multiple projects and clients. Younger people use gigs to explore the world of work. Some people take on gigs to supplement their income. For others, it is the only way to make a living.

At the same time, companies are hiring contract labor to reduce their overhead (workspace, unemployment taxes, and medical benefits), shift their risk exposure (professional liability), and avoid long-term or major financial commitments (retirement funds). The result is that more and more people are faced with the need to learn how to market, sell, negotiate, invoice, budget, administer, and plan. This program is focused on helping people entering the Gig Economy to succeed.

The goals of the program are to help you in your journey into the Gig Economy by learning how to:

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Add value
  • Get a competitive edge
  • Better manage your business practices
  • Build your administrative processes
  • Create a support network

What will you gain from this experience?

1. You’ll learn how to define your services in ways that distinguish you in the marketplace.

2. You will find out how to build a workable and effective marketing plan that includes your messages and distribution channels.

3. You will gain tips and techniques for negotiating contracts, defining your terms, and pricing your services.

4. You will learn how insurance and contracts work; how to make smart use of brokers and lawyers.

5. You will receive a digital Toolkit that includes job aids, rules, and worksheets to guide you on your journey.

How the Program Works

The program starts with a virtual overview to give you taste of the Gig Economy. Next is a 12-hour virtual workshop delivered in 6 or 2-hour segments followed with the option of personal coaching sessions.

    The Tools

    The Toolkit contains the following:

      • Statement of Work
      • Business Canvas
      • Marketing/Communication Plan
      • Contract Structure


      • Setting your fee structure
      • Negotiating terms
      • Protecting your intellectual property
      • Defining your target market
      • Leveraging credentials
      • Selecting an attorney and accountant


      • Defining your value
      • Identifying revenue streams
      • Creating a business plan
      • Budgeting
      • Knowing your insurance options

    About Burns and Hale

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