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Overview of Performance Improvement Consulting (free)

  • 18 Apr 2014
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Free Webinar


  • Open to public

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Overview of Performance Improvement Consulting

Attendance is limited to 20 so register early

A free webinar -- open to the public.

Description: The overview introduces you to the three processes that make up the growing profession of performance improvement consulting.  This program explains the three interdependent components of human performance improvement: the systematic process, the consultative process, and the professionalizing process.   It is intended to help you decide if you want to learn more about this important work.  

Details: During this 90 minute webinar you will be introduced to three interdependent aspects of performance improvement 1) the systematic process 2) the consulting process, and 3) the professionalizing process. All three aspects contribute to sustaining changes required for improving the performance of people, work teams, and organizations as a whole.

Why Should You Attend? You will gain insights and get tips for explaining performance improvement to others you can us to begin your own development in the profession. You will get:

  1. A method for explaining what performance improvement is all about
  2. A tool to judge their political prowess and increase their influence
  3. A set of guidelines for building you professional image

Also available on request.  Please contact Judy Hale, to arrange special sessions.

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