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1st in the Psychometric Mini Series: Psychometric Basics

  • 01 Feb 2022
  • 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
  • virtual


Registration is closed


Feb 1st, 3 PM Central Time

60 - 75 Minutes

This session explains: 1) measurement, evaluation, psychometrics, analytics, and pragmatics and the perspective each offers, 2) the difference between quantitative and qualitative data, 3) what makes data hard compared to soft and why it matters, 4) the typical data sources, and 5) common data gathering and analysis methods.   

The Basics is part of the Psychometric Mini Series.  Other topics in the series are how to control error, standard setting, item analysis and equivalency of test forms, and analyzing quantitative and analyzing qualitative data.

Objectives: you will be able to explain:

  1. The value of cleaning data
  2. The difference between quantitative, qualitative, hard, and soft data
  3. The typical data sources
  4. The common data gathering methods

Materials:  You will receive a workbook and a QC guide

Cost: $79, discounts are available for ISPI, LDA, and Hale Center Professional Members

Contact to learn more and find out how to arrange for an in-house program.

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