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Wednesday with Judy-Virtual Reality

  • 18 May 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • virtual


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Wednesday with Judy:

Virtual Realty Done Well 

May 18th, Noon Central, 60 minutes 

During this session Mike Christian will explain what you should consider when weighing the decision to use virtual reality as an instructional or assessment tactic.   See the outline below.  Join us!   

You will receive a zoom link upon registration.  

1. Modern challenges that VR training can help with:

  • Evolving workforce
  • Worker shortage in skills and trades
  • Training for emerging markets 
2 - How does VR training help?
  • Accelerated learning, especially skills and trades

  • More in depth understanding and longer retention

  • New ways to convey information through immersion

  • Reaching new populations 

    3 - Power of Immersion

    • Instead of a casual observer you are “in it”

    4 - Accelerated Learning

    • Blending the classroom with hands-on

    5 - Understanding and Retention

    • The New

      • XRay vision and haptics

      • Experience Math

    • The Old with the New

      • Mnemonics and storytelling with AI assistance

      • Integrated quizzes and testing - layered information and AI monitoring of performance

    6 - New Populations

    • The Young - traditional source but learn differently through digital 

    • The Elderly - experience based learning resonates and is easier to learn in

    • The Tribes - historical isolation, socio-economic limitations

    • Neurodiverse - new ways of thinking need new ways of educating

    6 - Reaching New Populations

    • Remote, immersive learning

    • Bridge and/or enhancement to traditional learning

    [Autism Image] [Pipe Fusion Image]

    7 - The Future

    • Immersive learning will be the true benefit of the Metaverse as people will no longer be confined or partitioned off from learning because of geography or lack of exposure to what is possible and what they are capable of.

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