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Data Gathering, Analytics & Psychometrics, Test Design

  • 05 Oct 2023
  • 09 Nov 2023
  • Virtual


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1. Data Gathering

2. Analytics & Psychometrics

3. Test Design

Three, 6-Part Mini Series 

Take one, all, or any combination.

Thursday's 11am, 1pm, and 3pm Central Time

Oct 6 to Nov 10

Intended Audience:  This series is for internal and external consultants wanting to add techniques and become more facile in gathering data, analyzing data, and building effective assessments.  The series are part of the Hale Center's 2023 theme on Consulting and is designed to enhance your technical consulting skills.   You get real examples and job aids with practical guidelines you can apply to your work.   You can take one or all of the three series or just topics of interest to you.  When you complete a series you will receive a certificate.  

Topics in the Data Gathering Series, 11am central time; visit for more information and to register:

  1. Observational interviews
  2. Critical-incident interviews
  3. Nominal Group Technique
  4. Sociograms
  5. Time & Motion Studies
  6. Group dynamics and Social Interactions 

Topics in the  Analytics & Psychometric Series, 1pm; visit for more information and to register:

  1. Measurement, Analytic, and Psychometric Basics 
  2. Controlling Bias - the Four Sources of Error 
  3. Standard Setting and Establishing Pass Scores 
  4. Item Analyses and Determining the Equivalency of Different Test Forms 
  5. Analyzing Quantitative Data 
  6. Analyzing Qualitative Data 

Topics in the Test Design Series, 3pm; visit for more information and to register.

  1. Test Basics
  2. Multiple-Choice Tests
  3. Test Analytics
  4. Performance Tests
  5. Checklist
  6. Rubrics

Materials:  Each session comes with a workbook containing the slides, guidelines, and other supporting materials. 

Cost:  For each series is $414 (others in your organization may attend at no additional cost), a $30 series savings; There are additional savings for Professional Members of the hale Center and ISPI and LDA members.   Please contact if you want to find out how to arrange for an in-house program.

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