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Certified Facilitator of Training (CFT)

  • 01 Jan 2024
  • 30 Dec 2025
  • virtual



Applications open for the Certified Facilitator of Training


Do you facilitate learning events?   Online?   In person?

Intended Audience:  The CFT certification is for professionals who facilitate training done online or in person and who want to be recognized for their skill in engaging learners. 

This performance-based certification is endorsed by ISPI, Training Magazine, and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). 


You must submit one or more videos for a maximum of 35 minutes that demonstrate your competence in facilitation and are supported by learner evaluations and client attestations, and commit to a Code of Conduct.  The 4 competencies are:

1.       The Facilitation Process Competent Facilitators ask questions that:

  • Promote participation
  • Engage learners equitably
  • Promote reflection
  • Reinforce learning points
  • Clarify participants’ remarks and questions
  • Follow up on participants comments
  • Promote relevant conversation among learners so they process the content
  • Redirect questions to other participants to promote engagement

2.       The Learning Process – Competent Facilitators:

  • Introduce the purpose, content, participants, and value.
  • Establish the relevance of the content; relate the content to needs and the learner experience.
  • Give examples that illustrate and reinforce the learning objective
  • Guide learners in activities designed to reinforce the objectives 

3.       The Learning Assessment Process – Competent Facilitators:

  • Elicit examples from learners on how they will apply the content in the workplace
  • Assess comprehension                          

4.       Professionalism – Competent Facilitators:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the content and facilitation expertise
  • Respect participants’ opinions and perspectives

The cost is $600 for Hale Center professional members, ISPI, and IFMA and $725 for others.   Click here to download the Handbook with the standards, requirements, and the scoring checklists.  Register here.  Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Once certified you will receive a digital mark.  Please contact if you have questions

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