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Prepare for the Instructional Design (ID) Certifications

  • 15 Jul 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Virtual


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Prepare for the Instructional Design (ID) Certifications

9 am - noon (Central) -- three hours

    Course fee includes one application for an ID Certification

Description:  If you have ever wondered whether you qualify for an evidence-based instructional designer/developer (ID) certification, this one’s for you.  Join us for a 3-hour tour of the 9 ID standards and 17 certifications.  We will walk through the certification documents explaining every step.  You will also receive a self-assessment job aid to help you determine whether you are ready to apply.

After completing her certification application, one instructional designer said that she was now much more purposeful in designing and building learning solutions.  Another candidate indicated that he was more contentious of his design decisions, after completing his application. A third indicated that she valued her own work more knowing that two other instructional designers had recognized her work as meeting and exceeding standards.

It’s your turn now.  Prepare for certification and complete your first application submission, which is included in this program’s fee.

During this course, you will:    

  • Determine whether you are eligible to apply for an ID Certification.
  • Assess 2 of your own projects to determine which project would be your best submission for an ID Certification.
  • Select the evidence that you will submit.
  • Estimate the time that it will require for you to prepare your submission forms.
    • Explain the review process including:
    • How your application will be reviewed in a double-blind review.
    • What rubrics are used to evaluate your work.
    • How you will be informed about your success or need for improvement.
  • Identify actions that could improve your work so that your next project can be used as your submission project, if none of your current projects meet requirements. 

By the end of the course, you will be ready to finalize and submit your application or collect additional information for a later submital.

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