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Editorial Support Services

The Hale Center Editorial Support Services

The Center’s Editorial Support Services are for professionals who don’t have the time for the precision required of the detailed work that effective training and testing materials depend on.  The services can be contracted on an hourly, deliverable, or project basis.  The Center follows Plain Language and Global English Standards.  For testing it follows the Standards published in Good Fair Tests and the Workbook for Developing Tests used by corporations and government agencies. 

Fees range from $70 to $150 an hour depending on the service and the degree of documentation or coaching expected.    

Test Item Quality Review. This service was created for clients who rely on subject matter experts to develop test items for training and certification. The service includes revising test items, performance items, checklists, and rubrics so they comply with best practices and professional standards. All changes are done using Track Changes so subject matter experts can easily review and approve the suggested changes. 

Training Quality Review. This service was created for clients who rely on subject matter experts and contractors to develop instructional materials for either online or instructor-led training. In addition to checking the grammar and completeness of thought, the service includes checking that rules and procedures are consistent and congruent, that instructions are clear and actionable, and instructional integrity is maintained.

Dr. Judy Hale, a founder, brings a unique expertise in crafting workforce development solutions from competency definition to certification. Please contact her at for a discussion of your needs.

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