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Editorial Services

The Hale Center's Editorial Services

Want logical, readable training materials? Policy and Procedure Manuals? Instructions to test-takers? Test items? Consider using the Center’s editorial services.

The Center’s editorial services include developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

Developmental editing.
The focus of developmental editing is to assure consistent structure of the content and linguistic style. This is especially challenging when a group of people write the material. Developmental editing strives for a single voice. Structure is about the logical organization of the content both for the whole document and within sections and paragraphs. Consistency in style improves readability, comprehension, and retention of the content. The addition of relevant graphics, examples, and stories also improves comprehension and retention.

Developmental editing includes fact-checking, consistent flow and clarity of the content, conformity in style and tone, and partial rewriting when necessary. It also includes facilitating expert scrutiny of obscure or complex concepts to assure consensus.

Copy editing.
Copy editing is done to check grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and the consistent use of terms and dialect. Copy editing also includes confirming Copyright compliance and correct source identification.

Proof reading.
The purpose of proofreading is to identify and correct spelling, grammar, formatting, and typographical errors.

What distinguishes the Center’s editorial services is our adherence to Plain Language and Global English Standards, keeping the reader or user in mind by striving for a reading level appropriate to the literacy level of the reader, our skill at creating a logical structure, our ability to achieve a consistent tone, and our use of graphics, stories, and examples to communicate complex concepts and procedures.

Please contact us at for a discussion of your needs.

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