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Symposium on

the economics of Ignorance

there is nothing so costly as ignorance.  ~ Horace Mann
In the Age of Information ignorance is a choice.  ~ Donny Miller

An invitation to participate in the

2nd Symposium on The Economics of Ignorance

Judy Hale

November 30, 2021


Who is it for?

This Symposium is for professionals involved in training, organizational development, credentialing, and performance improvement faced with the problem of upskilling a workforce, especially the ability to think critically, be innovative, and solve complex problems. 


The Learning & Developer Accelerator (LDA), the Center for International Credentials, Hale Associates, and our supporters ISPI and the Ukrainian Center for Peace invite you to participate in a Symposium on how to mitigate the cost of ignorance.   Simply, ignorance is unknowing.  Institutionalized ignorance happens when societies or organizations deny access to information, falsify facts, undermine the free press, and suppress independent thinking.  Ignorance also happens when there is a lack of access to information due to economic disparity and poverty.  One cost of ignorance is the inability to innovate and adapt.  Another is the inability to solve complex problems and think critically.  The ability to innovate and solve complex problems are among the most sought-after skills according to the World Economic Form.  Their lack affects every level of society starting with the home, the community, businesses, and government.  

Some ignorance can be expunged with education, experience, and economic opportunity.  Some can be mitigated with technology, automation, and outsourcing.  However, willful ignorance, the purposeful disregard for facts and empirical evidence to prevent having to question one’s beliefs, resists treatment.  Whatever the cause, ignorance is costly.  The Symposium continues our effort to bring awareness of the causes and economic implications of ignorance. 

The Agenda

About the speakers and topics

Invited speakers include representatives from academia, technology, performance improvement, service organizations, training and development, and finance.  The format is a series of short informative presentations following by small group discussions and report outs.   The table below shows speakers and topics. 

Please join Hale and Shestakova on November 30th for this exciting event. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Contact or if you want to continue the conversation.

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