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Accredited Learning Solutions


Accreditation: A process by which a program is evaluated against defined standards and recognition is awarded by a third party if in compliance with the standards” (Association Trends, 2016)

Now you have a certification for your learning programs and products.  The Accredited Learning Solution mark is ALS with the ALS logo which can be used in learning materials and marketing.  

The ALS accreditation process includes:

    • Successfully completing eligibility which includes:
    • Attestation by a client or sponsor
    • Evidence of product design and execution quality by one of the following
    • A Certified Instructional Designer/Developer (CIDD) leading the project, or 
    • A Certified Instructional Designer/Developer (CIDD) uses the learning solution to acquire their certification, or 
    • The learning solution undergoes an audit and is determined to be effective.

Satisfy the organization/sponsor-level requirements for practice sustainability by completing a form and participating in an interview that collectively provide evidence of how you: 

    1. Analyze – describe the process used to identify the need or opportunity for the learner, organization, or marketplace
    2. Focus – describe the process and rationale for the justification of this solution based on the results of the analysis
    3. Resource - describe the resources (human, technology, and financial) used to support program delivery, maintenance, and improvement
    4. Prove – describe the data collected and give evidence that shows impact and sustainability
    5. Forecast – describe the forecasting methods used to identify trends in learner, organizational, or marketplace needs and to assure continued relevance and effectiveness.
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Updated on: 27 Mar 2018


Need Help?

Contact us directly at or register for the ALS Ready Workshop where we'll give you all the help you need.  This custom-scheduled workshop includes the eligibility fee for your first ALS application. 

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