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Scope of Services

Organizations hire the Hale Center to provide expert advice, design certifications, partner with staff on evaluation and assessment projects, audit programs, and develop protocols and guidelines to help managers operate more consistently and efficiently.

Consultation.  Staff advise clients on issues related to:

    • Certification of employees, customers, suppliers, and aftermarket partners
    • Evaluation of programs and processes
    • Deployment and sustainment of new initiatives
    • Measurement of people and product performance
    • Alignment of goals, work processes, and work practices

Audits.  Organizations that certify employees, vendors, distributors, and service providers ask the Center to review their programs and standards and identify possible threats to defensibility.  Our audit process is documented.  The audit includes the business case or feasibility study, the job/task analysis, standards, assessment methods, governance, administration, preparation and remediation, re-certification, and public relations. 

Workshops.  The Center conducts customized workshops based on her books.  The workshops range from one to three days depending on the objectives and how much individualized coaching is required.  The topics include:

    • Assessment & Testing
    • Certification & Credentialing
    • Implementation & Sustaining Results
    • Measurement & Evaluation
    • Performance-based Leadership
    • Performance Improvement

Tools and Methods.  The Center is known for its ability to develop tools, guidelines, protocols, and procedures that help staff and managers be more efficient and consistent as they execute their daily responsibilities.  Many of the tools and guidelines are documented, for example:

    • Implementing new initiatives, programs, or technology
    • Facilitating group and team work sessions
    • Conducting merit reviews
    • Conducting interviews (structured, open, & critical-incident)
    • Conducting Delphi Studies, Nominal Groups, and Focus Groups
    • Doing job task analyses
    • Designing surveys and questionnaires
    • Using a Logic Chain to illustrate the link between the need, the goal, the cause, the solution, and the measures of improvement and progress
    • Analyzing data
    • Developing test items (multiple-choice, matching, fill-in, performance checklists)
    • Setting pass scores
    • Mapping or describing processes
    • Getting the most out of new hire orientations
    • Getting the most out of training
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